The Jillian Michaels Diet

jillian michaels diet

jillian michaels diet

Jillian Michaels has enjoyed much fame from appearing as the tough trainer on the reality TV show The Biggest Loser and her pink shirts.  Throughout the series, three of winners of The Biggest Losers have used her 30 day shred plan to shed those extra pounds.  Due to her massive success, her program is even available online.  The question that many people are asking is whether her online version is as effective as her efforts on the popular TV show.

To start with, just like the contestants on The Biggest Loser, the first step that you need to take is acknowledging that you want to improve your health so you’ll need to look through all of exercise dvds that work to determine which program to use.  With so many people hoping to get chosen, the chances are slim for getting on the show and most people have to take on their weight loss goals themselves.  Secondly, the winners of the past three shows lost a total of 140, 110 and 112 pounds respectively.  Of course, they had two professional trainers, top notch gym equipment, healthy food and doctors on hand at all times.

That being said, just take a look at the other contestants who went home early and still lost fantastic amounts of weight.  This proves that it’s possible to achieve your goals on your own with the help of the customized plan and interactive tools from Jillian Michaels.  She might not be by your side to push you but her tough treatment is evident all the same.

You can access your very own customized Jillian’s Biggest Loser plan online or just buy her ripped in 30 program.  Just enter your weight, height and age.  Then answer a short lifestyle questionnaire about your goals, current exercise routine, cardio activities, body type and so on.  You will receive instant feedback about the exercises you can do and the foods you should eat as well as other helpful tips and lifestyle advice.
Jillian uses a straightforward and direct approach in order to motivate each and every participant of her program and to encourage them to click ahead.  There is a fee of $4 per week to use this program but it is a small price to pay if you are serious about losing weight.  By joining this plan, you receive professional advice from Jillian, support from online friends, behavioural modification information, calorie calculators, recipes, meal plans, printable exercises and fitness advice videos.  Remember to consult with your doctor before you begin any weight loss program.

Jillian Michaels