Exploring the London bridge experience

Exploring the London bridge experience

There are plenty of things that visitors can do in London. However, because everyone is interested and will always long for memorable activities, it pays to have in mind an idea of the best activities that a person can do. The London Bridge Experience is one of the leading places to visit in London. There are several reasons to that can be given to explain its superiority.

To being with, it is important to understand that London Bridge Experience is a heritage site. Hence, what it has is well preserved and is highly taken care of. Secondly, it offers a rich history about what happened in London in the past. Finally, everything that a person will find in this destination will impress him/her because they are unique and interesting.

What Makes The London Bridge Experience The Best Place To Be?

Different reviewers have given their opinion about what makes the place an award winning center. Prior to describing what a person will find in this place, the discussion shall commence through the presentation of what the London Bridge Experience is.

The London Bridge Experience Explained!

The London Bridge Experience is a top tourist attraction center that is located in Tooley Street. It lies to the opposite of the Shard. It was officially opened in the first half of 2008. It is in this place that a person will get to understand London’s past history, which include Queen Boudiccia’s battles with the Romans and the Great Fire of London. It is also in this place that a visitor will understand the history of the bridges on the site among other features. In short, the London Bridge experience offers a wonderful experience about what happened in London. In that case, it is not only a tourist attraction center but it is also an educational center.

According to scholars who have inquired about the development of this amazing tourist attraction center, the London Bridge Experience offers unique and attractive journeys through the dark history of the present day of London. Depending on the braveness of a person, there are plenty of activities to do. For instance, those who are brave can proceed with their movements into the bowels of the bridge. This is where all kinds of trickery, torments and terror shall be experienced.

Key Highlights Of the London Bridge Experiences:

  1. It is the scariest tourist attraction center in London

Hence, it is recommended for those who want to have real experiences of terror. For instance, perhaps you have been wondering how it feels to face a ghost as portrayed in some horror movies. If that is the case, the London Bridge Experience is there for you. Turn your imaginations into some degree of reality by visiting the site, especially the tombs.

  1. It has a rich history of Britain

As explained above, the London Bridge Experience is where you get experiences of what happened in Britain long time ago.

  1. It offers interactive experiences

If you have longed for interactive experiences with real life actors, the London Bridge Experience is the place to be.

  1. It is composed of two tourist attraction parts

Even though it is identified by a single name, it is important to understand that the London Bridge Experience is composed of the London Bridge experience itself and the London Tombs. As such, it has plenty of things for its visitors.

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Enjoy Charlie And The Chocolate Factory In London

Who haven’t heard of the famous novel and movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! It is by far one of the best novels for children that still make hundreds of children gasp in wonder. This article is about the novel, the musical movie and the fascinating story of a young boy and his whimsical journey to the wonderland of chocolate making, the Chocolate factory of Willie Wonka. It is one of the biggest shows in theatres of London. If you are visiting London, you should not miss it in theatres as the whole act presents a lively, dramatic representation of the original story by Roald Dahl.

The Novel

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory was first published in 1964 and was written by an extraordinary British Author Roald Dahl. It was first published in the US by Alfred A. Knopf. It was also published in the United Kingdom three years after its release in the Unites States in 1967. It might be unaware to many of you, but Roald Dahl wrote a sequel of this book which goes by the name Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. The sequel was written in the year 1972. Roald Dahl originally drew inspiration for this book from his own experience of various chocolate companies from his childhood.

The Movie

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is a delightful musical adventure film that was released back in 2005. It was directed by Tim Burton and depicted Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket. It is the second film adaptation of the original book of Roald Dahl. Besides being a major box office hit, the film also earned much acclamation from critics all over the world.


The plot of the story revolves around a young boy named Charlie Bucket. He along with his parents and four bedridden grandparents live in a shack, penniless and starving. But the young boy loves chocolates and dreams of visiting his favourite chocolate factory – the Chocolate Factory of Willie Wonka. Every year everyone of the family saved enough money to buy Charlie his favourite Willie Wonka Chocolate.

This year, there is a contest where Willie Wonka declares that there are five golden tickets have been hidden in his chocolate bars and that the lucky winners will be get the chance to visit his mysterious chocolate factory. When Charlie buys the first chocolate and unwrap it, he does not find a golden ticket inside. But later, he finds some money on the streets and decides to go for another chocolate bar. This time he gets lucky!

On the next day the gates of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory opens and welcomes all of the five golden ticket winners. One by one each of the five children suffers an unpleasant fate and is forced to leave the tour of the chocolate factory. What happened to Charlie at the end? Does he win or lose the grand prize of staying in the Disneyland of chocolates forever?

To get answers, you must watch the colourful and enchanting play in the Theatre Royal Drury Lane of London. You can very easily book yourself a ticket of the show over the Internet. So, if you are visiting London this June, don’t forget to watch the splendid theatrical show of the famous Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

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London: Source of Arts and Entertainment

London is one of the most entertaining cities of the world. And this city is also known as the cultural capital of the globe. Here you will find more arts and entertainment hubs than any other parts of the world. London has a rich cultural history and this city has many entertainment centres that suit for the people of all ages. One can say that London is a city where everyone can be entertained without much effort and within affordable prices.

Art galleries

Art galleries are one of the major attractions of this city. But, you cannot visit all the art galleries free. You have to spend some money to enjoy the art galleries of this historic city. Some art galleries offer free admission and the names of these galleries are National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, the Wallace collection and Tate Modern.

If you are planning a London trip then consider to visit Whitechapel Art Gallery, Courtauld Institute of Arts and the multi- arts Barbican Centre to witness some of the beauties of this city.

Theatres in London

Though Shakespeare is the first name that comes into mind when you think about London theatre, but in mid-time some other names like Tom Stoppard, Stephen Sondheim, David Mamet, and Neil Simon have achieved popularity for their works in theatre arts. The city has more than forty theatres. The presence of forty theatres in one city reveals the craziness and love of theatre arts in this city.

Some popular theatres of London city are:

  • National theatre
  • Haymarket theatre
  • Shakespeare’s globe theatre
  • And the Old Vic

Some plays in theatres attract audiences from all over the world. Two popular plays that have got much appreciation are Phantom of The Opera London and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Any theatre loving person decides to watch these two plays once if he visits London at any period of time.

  1. Phantom of the Opera London: It is one of the successful plays of all time. It is a classic opera. It has been produced in 25 countries covering 149 cities. Anyone likes classic opera will definitely enjoy this play.
  2. Charlie and Chocolate Factory: This show is comparatively new and this one is appreciated by all. But, kids like it more. If you have kids then you should visit this place.

You can also play the Escape Hunt game to be entertained for a while. This is an adventurous game, which is based on the classic escape the room’ online games. Currently, this is very popular and is being played by almost all the countries. This game is designed for 2- 5 players and needs 50 minutes time to be finished. Since the game is based on the theme of the live escape game’, you will have to choose your room theme for playing this game. You can visit them here london.escapehunt.com

Nightlife in London

Nightlife in London is amazing. Here big hotels arrange live entertaining and dancing programmes on Friday and Saturdays. So, if you are planning a London trip, be sure that you will be back with a lot of sweet and good memories.

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